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Make a splash with your guests with our liqueur and digestive glasses featuring the most majestic Swiss summit. These glasses are ideal for a convivial moments with friends around your favorite drink. With their remarkably accurate representation of the mountain, they offer a unique visual experience that will leave no one indifferent. They come in a sophisticated box, as a set of 4 because the best things are meant to be shared.

230405-Lifestyle-09-0234 copy-large-low.jpg

Size mini.
Maximum details.

Meticulously designed to not compromise the level of details despite their small size. The result is a breathtaking representation of the Matterhorn that just fits between two fingers. 

Small but strong

Savor every sip of your favorite drink like never before.


An elegant and sophisticated design that will not go unnoticed with its matte black finish and gold details.

Practical and compact, it is also the ideal gift to take a piece of our Swiss mountains in your luggage. 

MATSHOT-01_00003 square.jpg

Ideal for a digestive at the end of a good meal


or a fiery nights among friends.

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