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Discover our new collection, the Eiger. Located in the Bernese Oberland massif next to the summits of Mönch and the Jungfrau, it overlooks the village of Grindelwald. Famous for its north face, a huge vertical wall nearly 1800 meters high, it was long considered one of the last problems des Alpes. It's finally in1938 that he was climbed for the first time.

The Eiger collection comes in three formats, On the Rocks (1.034dl), Half-Pint (3.355dl) and Pint (3.967dl). A discreet serigraphy indicates their respective capacities in the form of a wink at the altitudes of the three key stages of its ascent, the village of Grindelwald (1,034m), the Mittellegi hut (3,355m), and its summit (3,967m ).


The north face


On the Rocks

A fruity cocktail for the aperitif? A dry whiskey by the fire? The on the rocks format lends itself perfectly to all occasions and will certainly not leave anyone indifferent. 

Graduated at 1.034dl, a nod to the altitude of the village of Grindelwald, it can hold up to 2dl of liquid. 

_DS_3002 copy.jpg
_DS_2984 copy.jpg

Half-Pint and Pint

Our two beer glasses for small and large thirsts. Admire the reflections of the mountain in contact with your favorite drink. 

The Half-Pint size is graduated at 3.355dl in reference to the altitude of the Mittellegi hut, perched at 3,355m on the ridge that bears the same name.

The Pint, although it can contain 5dl, is graduated at 3.967dl, the altitude of the summit of the Eiger.

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Original and respectful packaging

Each glass is individually packaged in an elegant box.

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