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Dent Blanche

Alpinte glasses are available in three sizes to quench the thirsty and small alike. A discreet serigraphy on the back indicates their respective capacity, in the form of a nod to 3 key places of the ascent of the Dent Blanche, the village of Evolène at 1'374dl , the Rossier hut (Cabane de la Dent Blanche) at 3'507dl and of course, the highest point at 4'357dl .


The queen of the Alps at the bottom of your glass

From Evolène to the summit, via the Rossier hut, to each the format that suits them.


A small piece of the Val d'Hérens within easy reach.


Hand blown

Our glasses were developed in a glassblower workshop in Switzerland, mixing traditional techniques and innovative processes. The result is an ultra-realistic representation of the Matterhorn at a scale of 1: 40600 in borosilicate glass, a high-quality material resistant to heat.

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Original and eco-friendly packaging

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