Dent Blanche

Alpinte glasses are available in three sizes to quench the thirsty and small alike. A discreet serigraphy on the back indicates their respective capacity, in the form of a nod to 3 key places of the ascent of the Dent Blanche, the village of Evolène at 1'374dl , the Rossier hut (Cabane de la Dent Blanche) at 3'507dl and of course, the highest point at 4'357dl .

On the Rocks


(1.374 dl)



(3.507 dl)



(4.357 dl)


The queen of the Alps at the bottom of your glass

From Evolène to the summit, via the Rossier hut, to each the format that suits them.


A small piece of the Val d'Hérens within easy reach.


Hand blown

Our glasses were developed in a glassblower workshop in Switzerland, mixing traditional techniques and innovative processes. The result is an ultra-realistic representation of the Matterhorn at a scale of 1: 40600 in borosilicate glass, a high-quality material resistant to heat.

DB lineup.jpg

Original and eco-friendly packaging

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A home-grown project

ALPINTE was born in the heart of Wallis, just a few kilometers away from the Matterhorn, the emblematic mountain of the Swiss Alps.


Behind the project, two friends passionate of the outdoor... and good craft beers. It took them several months to develop and refine both the technique and the tools to come up with an extremely accurate and realistic execution.


The visual identity and the pictures were made by the agency Brief Communication in Neuchâtel.


For every glass sold, an eco-franc (1CHF) is donated to the Vevey based association Summit Foundation, involved in the protection of mountains environment.